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Finding a tutor in Darien is not as hard as it seemed like many years ago. Due to the increasing number of unemployed qualified teachers, educators and professors in Darien coupled with the increasing number of students in every institution, we can find a tutor in Darien, CT that instant. Most private tutors in Darien are not only those unemployed qualified teachers, but also employed teachers who practice their teaching profession by day, and do tutoring jobs at night or during weekends.


It is not surprising why most find alternative part time jobs these days, all prices are shooting up, and employment salary rates remain the same over the years, and monetary issues become a constant battle between teachers and educators. Even college students can do part time tutoring jobs in order to afford the expensive books needed for their continuing education. Because of sad reality of life that regular salaries of both private and public teachers and educators do not suffice in their daily regular needs, they really have to find other ways to earn extra rather than have credit cards and loans as options.


Most parents find a tutor for their children for further supplementation of knowledge and for reinforcement on the weak points in their student lives. Most students don’t just want a private tutor, but badly need one especially when they don’t get the learning expected inside the classroom, and when they pick up lessons slowly. Those who need provision of homework help and supplemental study guides for the practice of their intellect and skills are given extra special attention by private tutors. Private tutoring is an effective move of parents to help their children grow academically since it is through this that students are given private attention and being taught in an environment where students are comfortable. They can ask questions on the subject matter they are confused about, they don’t get to be intimidated by other students and they don’t get the tension of any competition in their own homes. Subjects like English, math, science, physics, chemistry and business will be made easy if you get a tutor for your child.


What is more amazing is the idea that not only do the tutors and students get the benefit, but also the institution when the students do better and acquire increase in the overall school ratings in Darien, CT. Find a tutor in Darien, CT now and help your child reach his dreams and let him be what he wants to be in the future!

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angel i   [ TUTOR ]
Qualification: Graduate
Occupation: dancer
I Speak: English

Stamford : 06902
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angel irizarry    angel was born in stamford ct angel has studied the arts of dance through a scenario of events around new york and ct. angel has performed for a company called domus teaching hip-hop and breakdance as well originality and personality. angel started at the age of 15 he was very active doing parkour, gymnastics,dance and being around the culture he recieved expirience from great masters  such as sweet lu from united outkast world known dance crew from CT that inspired him to reach new limits by the age of 21... Read More
Subject Teaching Level Rate
All subjects Advanced, Beginner, Expert, Intermediate $ 91 per hour
This Tutor Offers Discount Packages Save Money $$$
James W   [ TUTOR ]
Qualification: Graduate
Occupation: Engineer
I Speak: Spanish

Stamford : 06901
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View(s): 77
I can tutor students of all grade levels in math and science. I can teach computer engineering just as well as I can teach math.
Subject Teaching Level Rate
All subjects Beginner $ 29.9 - $ 45.5 per hour