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Welcome to Tutoring Services LLC!

There are three identified benefits of online tutoring. One, it offers convenience where you do not have to bring your child to the tutoring center or having somebody coming to your home for the tutoring. Your child just needs to be in front of the computer with necessary accessories such as headphone. Two, online tutoring lessen the safety risks especially with strangers or the problems of taking the trips to and from the tutoring center. Third, if you choose home-based tutoring method, you are limited to choose among the local tutors available. Online tutoring gives you the wide selection of tutors across the nation or state.


Tutoring Services LLC in Darien CT has developed an online tutoring program that caters to students and individuals who need help academically. These students are those who may have difficulty in coping with one or more lessons, or students who are eager to gain an advanced knowledge to be ahead of others, or individuals who are getting ready for some mandated examinations such as GRE, GMAT, SAT or even Praxis II tests.


We offer tutoring services to assist our students/tutees who come from Kindergarten to Grade 12, up until secondary levels and college. Our competent and friendly tutors have adequate knowledge and skills in helping the students/tutees and other clients to form self-reliant, confident, and responsible learners.


Online tutoring is a very good option for students who are computer savvy and we have the best source of efficient and friendly tutors applying our comprehensive tutorial program designed as an alternative learning intervention of the students.


We have a unique system of matching our competent and friendly tutors with our students/tutees who will work together to improve the students’ performance in school and develop better study habits. Our committed tutors are well-prepared before they start their tutoring sessions. They spend time and effort in preparing their online educational materials before the sessions. These online tutors bank on the capability of the learners to learn, help them develop better study habits and study skills, and encourage them to study and make their homework and other school tasks independently and confidently.


With the help of our online tutors in Darien, we educate, we motivate, and we empower them to believe and exercise their capacity to learn and perform well in school, at home, and in the community with sense of responsibility, self-sufficiency, and confidence.


If you are interested in hiring the services of our tutors, we will be very happy to hear from you by contacting us through email and/or by phone where we can discuss the best method to help your children achieve their academic goals.


Take time to tour our homepage and contact us and trust in our commitment to help develop responsible and confident learners for their successful life ahead!

Online Tutoring

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