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School Ratings

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School ratings play an important role in the educational system because they reflect the actual performance of the students, the teachers, and the school based on the curriculum set by the state and national government. Higher ratings will mean that there is an effective delivery and acceptance of the educational objectives while lower ratings will mean that there are some areas that will need to improve.


Ratings and rating scales are one of the tools for the standardization of any system. These ratings will give comparisons different areas, techniques, and the performance of the teachers in the form of qualitative and quantitative analysis.


Another use of school ratings is to determine which levels or schools or universities or colleges are doing fine. Through standardized assessments, the schools are ranked according to its performance. There are several examinations to measure the performance of the schools and students.


The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 or the NCLB measures the achievement of the school and success and the performance of the students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 level. The state and the national government take an active role in ensuring that the students are performing well basing on the educational objectives.


There is the National Assessment of Educational Progress or the NAEP which measures the knowledge and skills of the standard American students obtained from the core subjects in the school. NAEP is an educational project mandated by the Congress and administered bby the National Center of Education Statistics. The results provide a comprehensive data about the achievement of the students in various chosen subjects. They are released as the Nation’s Report Card. It aims to measure different categories including socioeconomic conditions, gender, race or ethnic group. The subjects being measured in NAEP are the science, mathematics, reading and writing. Other assessment evaluates the subjects such as arts, civics, history, geography, and economics which are administered annually. Involved in this project are the students, teachers, and the school. The results will reflect whether the educational system and objectives are met or if they need to improve in some categories or areas.


Parents tend to entrust their children to schools with higher ratings because they expect that their children will learn more from these schools compared to school with lower ratings. However, there are children who are likely to fall behind their lessons or unmotivated to study their lessons for some reasons.


This is where tutoring services come in.


Tutoring Services LLC designed their tutoring program and services based on the educational curriculum as mandated by the state and the National government and the school ratings. With the help of our dynamic, competent, and friendly tutors in Darien CT, the students/tutees and our clients are assured of the quality assistance they need to improve their learning efficiency and reinforce what they have learned from school instructions and achieve higher proficiency ratings.


Entrust your children with us for quality tutorial services, whether it be online or home-based tutoring methods. With the help of our committed tutors, your children will develop better study skills and habits to understand and appreciate learning and do their homework and other tasks in school willingly, confidently, and independently. We shall also prepare your children to become confident during examinations of any kind. Learning for us is holistic.


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