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Teacher Certification

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Teaching is considered to be of the most secured professions in the world. Compensation and benefits for teachers may vary from one state to another and there are many job opportunities offered outside the regular hours or during summer break such as tutoring.


Teaching profession requires plenty of patience, hard work, and unwavering commitment to assist students develop adept knowledge and skills to be successful in life. Among the tasks teachers have to meet every day are to make and review their lesson plans, prepare their instructional materials, checking papers and computing grades. Aside from these tasks is the responsibility to handle classes and deliver their educational instructions to these students.


To become a teacher involves hard work where you need to complete a bachelor’s degree, take and pass some mandated and standardized examinations such as Praxis II to get teaching certifications. List of requirements to get this certification will depend on the state or the national government. For convenience, you can also obtain these requirements from the internet.


If you are planning to become a licensed teacher in Darien CT, you are required to pass the State of Connecticut’s requirements for teaching certification. Basically, completing an education degree is required or an education coursework, taking and passing Praxis II content and basic skills examinations, and proof of teacher certification obtained from the Department of Education of Connecticut.


Pre-Professional Skills Test or PPST refers to a basic skills examination that measures the proficiency of the teachers in mathematics, reading and writing which is administered to 40 states.


The National Board Certification or NBCT has the ability to improve and enhance the students’ achievement as reported by the National Research Council or the NRC. It asserts that NBCT produces competent teachers to help students improve their performance. Certified teachers mean better credential, better job opportunities, and better compensation.


If you are interested to earn an extra income through tutoring, obtaining a teacher’s certificate may not be needed but those with certificate will be preferred by parents and clients. Several years of tutoring or teaching years are needed to become tutors.


For those who want to pursue teaching careers but do not have a bachelor’s degree may take the Alternative Certification program formulated by the government to answer to the shortage of teachers in the country. You can visit your state Department of Education regarding the requirements or you can obtain information from online.