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Welcome to Tutoring Services LLC!


Having found this web page, you are probably one of the parents who are concerned about your children who are having difficulties in school lessons, or an individual who is preparing for a standardized examination and needs help in reviewing content for the exam. And we know you are looking for the best tutors who can help your children in achieving their academic goals.


Who We Are


Tutoring Services LLC is a dynamic team of proficient and friendly tutors who are ready to help students/tutees who have various academic problems such as poor grades, non-submission of homework and other assignments, and the like. We have qualified tutors in Darien CT who can provide the most comprehensive tutorial services, to all academic levels from Kindergarten to secondary and high school and college levels, tutoring subjects like English, History, Mathematics, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and more.


Our tutoring comes as online tutoring and home-based tutoring methods. Online tutoring method uses internet connection and computer with its basic accessories such as headphones and web cams to conduct tutoring. Home-based tutoring holds its tutoring services in the homes of the students/tutees where tutors go to them personally for the sessions. All our tutors are well-prepared with their learning materials before they conduct tutorial sessions to motivate their tutees to become interested in studying.


Our proficient tutors are also qualified to help individuals who are preparing for the standardized tests such as Praxis I, Praxis II, SAT, GMAT, and GRE by coaching the, to avoid making the same mistakes examinees usually make.


Aside from tutorial services that we provide, we also offer learning tools like test prep, study guides, and algebra solver that can be useful to their studies.


The Challenge


The challenge for our proficient and friendly tutors is in encouraging their students/tutees to become motivated in learning, studying, and working on their homework and other school assignments. Apart from academic help, our tutors empower them to learn to study, understand concepts, analyze and solve problems, and be ready for any examinations. Our tutors coach them to develop effective study habits and skills to help them achieve their academic goals.


The students/tutees are also encouraged to express themselves by letting them ask questions about their lessons and discuss lessons with their tutors. Our friendly tutors commit themselves to provide the best tutoring services their students/tutees most deserved. Our tutors promote self-reliance, sense of responsibility, and confidence to perform well in school, in their homes, and in their communities.


Your Challenge


For safe tutoring, we conduct interviews and background check to potential tutors and clients, tutees, and individuals.


Entrust your children’s tutoring needs with our proficient and qualified tutors in Darien CT to help them cope with their studies, homework, and examinations. Our tutorial services are based on interactive and progressive system that will help your children in achieving their academic goals which is their foundation for a successful career. With quality and comprehensive tutoring services, we offer reasonable tutoring rates.


Contact us now by sending us email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by giving us a call through the number that you see t the upper right side of our web page.


In behalf of our competent and friendly tutors, we welcome you to Tutoring Services LLC where learning is fun and interesting!